Thursday, February 25, 2016

Radio Silence and Exciting News

We've been quiet here at PG GAMES for awhile now. Life has a way of intruding in both hobbys and hobby publishing alike!

While we've been awhile, busy with work and other obligations and responsibilities, we've been doing a lot of thinking about our games and how we make them. Often, we've discovered, we rely too heavily on the fantasy genre and its tropes. Sometimes this works well, namely with our product The Baron of Blood. Other times? Not so much.

As a way to challenge ourselves, 'we've been stepping outside our beloved genre and reading other things. Deadlands and Owl Hoot Trail, Shadowrun, and more, have been our source of inspiration.

Looking beyond that, we've come up with an exciting new, self-contained game with a heavy influence from the games Powered by the Apocalypse and many others. While we can't really say much more beyond that, we will say that this is an adventure that has been eons in the making. It's utterly prehistoric!


We've also had some friends in the indie and hobby publishing circuit come out with some awesomely fun games recently. 
  • From DDE Adventures comes CRUSH the REBELLION. (Think agents of the Empire in Star Wars meets Warhammer 40k, literally crushing the rebellion in the name of the Emperor!)
  • From SVD Press comes Fortress of the Ur-Mage. (Get it before it's well and truly gone! SVD Press is closing shop and it's currently on sale for $5!)
As for PG GAMES, you can always find links to our stuff in the sidebar on the right.

Until next time!

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