Friday, May 29, 2015

PG Games proudly presents...

PG GAMES has been operating almost entirely on word of mouth since our first publication in March of 2014. As a small and hobby-based publisher, we've seen success and achieved our initial goals, which was to get something out there in the RPG realm that we could be proud of. And we are.

The Baron of Blood: A Dungeon World Campaign Front was a pleasure to create and learn from. The intricacies of design, layout, and editing taught us invaluable lessons. With help and advice from other RPG publishers, we eventually moved on from just print copies through Lulu to PDFs as well through DriveThru RPG and RPG Now. We even toyed around with the Pay What you Want format and liked what we found.

Throughout April and May of this year, we worked hard to create another installment in PG Games' porfolio, The Dark Lands: A Dark Fantasy Dungeon World Campaign. The Dark Lands was a bit different from our previous endeavors, in both content and page count. This larger product learned from the lessons of The Baron of Blood and sought to improve upon them. We are incredibly happy to announce that we published The Dark Lands yesterday in PDF through DriveThru RPG and RPG Now and in print through Lulu.


In time memorial, a war was fought and the Light lost to the Darkness.

In the Dark Lands, the Lands of Eternal Night, the light continues to fade as its brave denizens fight to survive against corruption and fell taint. Magic is scarce and all but gone, and yet otherworldly creatures and politics threaten daily life and existence. Life is bleak.

THE DARK LANDS is a fantasy heartbreaker campaign setting and hack of Dungeon World. Inside are custom playbooks such as the Stormbringer and Beast-Talker that better embrace the tone and feeling of the Lands of Eternal Night, several fronts, steadings, and other dangers for use by DMs that embrace the Dungeon World ethos of "draw maps, leave blanks." Additionally are write ups for monsters and other creatures, treasures, and other rules that better fit the setting of the Dark Lands.

"Rage. Rage! Against the dying of the Light." - Dylan Thomas

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