Thursday, October 29, 2015


We at PG GAMES have loved the Deck of Many Things for quite some time. There is nothing that would better ruin an adventuring party (or make them epic) than The Deck.

Recently, our good friends SVD PRESS released a supplement The Fortune Teller's Guide to Deathtrap Dungeon Design. Seriously, pick this up. It's a guide to create amazing dungeons using The Deck and also includes a set of awesome print-n-play cards to do so by @Zeframsee. (Also be sure to check out SVD PRESS' Fortress of the Ur-Mage for deathtrap dungeon goodness in Dungeon World.)

Needless to say, we wanted a deck of our own. We have the deck that came with Wizard's Madness at Gardmore Abbey, but required more. We've been really into minimalistic design lately, and decided to give it a go using icons from Game-Icons. We also discovered that The Deck is part of the WotC SRD (and thus OGL) and set to selling it after we got our print in.

You can check out PG GAMES presents... The Deck of Many Things and maybe snag a print copy yourself. (Please note that the PDF option exists only to showcase the minimal design of some of the cards and also to collect information about the SRD, OGL, and CC-BY 3.0 license that the icons use.)

Things on our docket include: reworking THE DARK LANDS into something more substantial. In retrospect some of the design didn't work as intended, and needs to be fixed. You can currently check it out for FREE as it is Pay What You Want.

We've also updated our logo to be cleaner and follow our new minimal design principles.

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