Friday, June 26, 2015

In With The Old: The Baron of Blood

Here at PG GAMES we like to keep tabs on our creations because we take pride in them. That includes the occasional Google search to see if they pop up in discussions anywhere, to see if they are being played, to see if people have reviews, or even feedback

We just recently discovered that our first publication, The Baron of Blood, being played out in the wilds. Now, we're sure it's been played before, but this was our first confirmation of it. And it was a damn fine feeling and quite reassuring at that.

In fact, in that past, The Baron of Blood has gotten some good reviews over at DriveThru RPG as well. Check them out:

"In shorts: it's well worth a couple of bucks!

Nice mini-campaign front, ready to use. Well written, it stays with the Dungeon World canon. Places have their tags, main NPCs have good stats and moves, and you get some custom moves to correctly play the final boss battle and eventually to keep the big danger WITH you.
It correctly follows the "Play to find out" philosophy.
Final note, I don't like cheap pictures, and sadly this module has plenty of them. I'd prefer a clean, pictureless version instead. Also, it's not difficult to find some good free font: I think the author should work on it, 'cause good looking titles and main names in cool fonts can make the difference from a so-so product and a freaking good one. Almost the whole text is in a plain, anonymous, arial like font." 4/5 Stars

"This really exceeded my expectations! Great, interesting, original storyline with lots of flexibility to allow for players to adapt. This adventure fits in well with any campaign and can serve as a solid starting point. Excellent old-school cover, very useful maps, helpful illustrations. Plenty of depth of material with biographies of key NPCs, special moves, weapons, and monsters to fully support play without requiring massive prep. Whether a seasoned GM or nervously new to GM role, this adventure is fantastic! Includes very helpful GM advice to keep action going. I look forward to more adventures from this author!" 5/5 Stars

But don't just take our word for it! The Baron of Blood has been Pay What You Want at DriveThru RPG for quite some time. So go and check it out!

As always, you can find copies from our game library for sale in PDF at DriveThru RPG:
Or in PRINT at Lulu:

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