Monday, June 8, 2015

Contest Winners!

Over the last week we hosted a contest to give away free print or PDF copies of our latest release, THE DARK LANDS: A Dark Fantasy Dungeon World Campaign. We posted all over social media and got a pretty great response for being a small no-name hobby publisher, one that we are quite happy with.

So, without further adieu, the contestants.

We had entries about what "dark fantasy" meant to them from Elstiko, Aaron, and Connor Lemp. Thank you all for your participation, it's very much appreciated!

Now for the results.

For PDF, the winner is Elstiko!

For Print, the winner is Aaron!

And you know what? What the heck, Connor, you get a PDF copy as well!

Please contact me with the appropriate details at: sorcerer DOT blob AT gmail DOT com

Thanks again to everyone who shared the contest post or participated. You made this first contest experience memorable and a good experience.

As always, you can find copies from our game library for sale in PDF at DriveThru RPG:
Or in PRINT at Lulu:

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