Wednesday, June 3, 2015

PG Games Contest!

How would you like to win a free print copy of The Dark Lands: A Dark Fantasy Dungeon World Campaign? Who wouldn’t like to win a free RPG something, right? It’s basically rhetorical!

PG GAMES is happy to announce that from now (6/3) to Sunday 6/7 at Midnight CST you have a chance to enter to win a print copy of a game from the PG Games library. 

THE DARK LANDS is all about the dark fantasy and how the players in it affect change against the corruption that is ever-prevalent within in the Lands of Eternal Night. In it, characters are Stormwalkers, Beast Talkers, Sword Spirits, and Alchem Adepts. Stormwalkers traverse the world as the lightning strikes. Beast Talkers speak with and understand all sorts of creatures and beasts, even bidding favors from them at times. Sword Spirits are tied to powerful blades that house the spirits of their previous wielders. And finally, Alchem Adepts are well-versed in the lost art of the harvest. They take bits and pieces of flora and fauna to create potions and enhancements that can save the world.

To enter, you simply need to comment on this post and answer the question, "What does 'dark fantasy' mean to you?" [One entry per person. Only US residents are eligible for the print copy. If you are outside of the US, please make mention of that in your comment. Thanks!]

One lucky winner will receive a print copy of THE DARK LANDS. Another lucky contest entrant will receive a PDF copy of THE DARK LANDS.

Winners will be randomly selected and announced on Monday 6/8 around Noon CST

As always, you can find copies from our game library for sale in PDF at DriveThru RPG:
Or in PRINT at Lulu:


  1. To me, it means taking the shine off regular sword-and-sorcery, and putting blood on the sword, plus some dirt, then extinguish the sun, all hope, and steep it all in treachery from all directions. The future is bleak, no-one will go out of their way to help you, and every decision is a compromise.

    I do not reside in the united states.

  2. Damn it. The form ate my comment. >_< Think I'll have to redo it.

    For me, dark fantasy means that everything is gritty, grim, and more grounded in reality. Characters aren't going after bad guys or fighting monsters out of any moral obligation or because they're good guys. Characters fight evil because if they didn't, they might die (or worse). The characters may find that the people they're helping might be lying, might turn on them, or might want to take the place of the bad guy themselves. Every victory is a struggle and none of those victories come cleanly. Everything has a cost.

  3. To me, dark fantasy is defined by the state of being of the common people within the setting. It's not just that things are dangerous or grim. What makes dark fantasy truly dark is the absence of hope in those people who need it most.

    In dark fantasy, the common people live dangerous lives, and don't know that a better life is even possible. The people do the best they can in a world that is inimical to them, because they don't know another world could exist. People in dark fantasy settings don't strive to make the world a better place. Activism, charity, and hopeful plans are either absent, or quickly crushed.

    1. You've won a PDF, please see the latest post for details on how to contact me!